52. Binge Eating Disorder & Intuitive Eating with Robyn Nohling

Today we are talking with Robyn Nohling of The Real Life RD. Robyn is a non-diet dietician and nurse practitioner who helps women find peace with food, accept their natural body size & heal from hormonal issues and period problems. She is a true sweetheart and has a wealth of knowledge that I, personally, have been learning from for the past few months.

Robyn’s real-life attitude about releasing diet culture, understanding the ups and downs of the menstrual cycle and so much more is what makes her so inspirational. When I read her emails, binger her blog posts or watch her Instagram Live’s every Thursday evening, I truly feel like I’m hanging with my BFF.

Let’s all give Robyn an extremely warm welcome to the LoDownLiving conversation.

The LoDown On Robyn

  1. What are two ways you’re keeping things simple in life these days?
  2. What is a guilty pleasure you’re not so afraid to share?
  3. What is the lesson that took you the longest to learn about your relationship with your body?

Interview Questions

  1. Can you explain in layman’s terms what Binge Eating Disorder is?
  2. What is the main distinction between Binge Eating Disorder and just overeating in general?
  3. Is Intuitive Eating the right tool to use to recover from BED?
  4. For some reason, I am seeing BED more openly talked about on social media, in blogs, etc. why do you think that is?
  5. If someone listening is currently struggling with BED, what steps do you suggest they take first to start recovery?

Robyn has some fantastic knowledge & advice to offer. To hear her answers to these questions plus SO much more, tune in to today's episode!

Show Notes

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