38. Healing Disordered Eating with Kylie Mitchell of immaEATthat

"Are you less valuable if you take up more space in the world?" -Kylie Mitchell

Take 2 minutes to look at Kylie's blog or Instagram feed and you'll see she's as real as they come. And, I think that's what gravitated me towards her. Because, in the world of health + wellness it's easy to be swarming in feeds full of abs, thigh gaps & minimal green eats.

But, you won't find that with Kylie.

Kylie struggled with disordered eating growing up but found a way to overcome it. And through her learnings she decided to teach others that there's another way to live a healthy life.

Kylie is Registered Dietitian in Disordered Eating and she not only guides people to a more natural way of life through her 1 on 1 client work and also through her blog immaEATthat.

Today, Kylie and I talk about disordered eating, what it means, and what the healing process looks like. Disordered eating has come to the surface more over the last few years, but I still don't think it's talked about openly enough.

The idea of restriction and forcing your body and lifestyle into an unnatural place is important. I think more of these conversations need to be said out loud and that's exactly why I decided to bring Kylie on the show.

Listen to the show below