Why You Shouldn't Give Up On Your Blog

Pre-S. If you have a blog or are wanting to start one, there is a free resource at the bottom of this letter that will help you keep going or finally get started. Enjoy!

Don't do it.

If we were grabbing coffee or tacos (I mean, life's staples, right?) and you asked me if you should quit blogging I'd straight up tell you no.

It seems like everywhere I turn I hear another "expert" talking about how blogging is dead and that you should focus more on social media, start a YouTube channel or even a podcast.

And, I'm not knocking those avenues - they can be an important part of your creative business depending on what you do.

But nothing is quite like your blog.

I talked on my latest season of The LoDownLiving Podcast about why I don't believe that blogging is dead.

It's just changed.

And to me, that's the beauty of it. It means that the options are endless for what you can create and talk about.

Want to write about starting a milkshake bar? Do it. (Please! Because I really want to go to one!)

Have something to say about the latest fashion trends? Say it loud.

Do you have a goal of climbing the highest mountains with some badass ladies? Write it out.

There truly is a place for each of these vastly different ideas & for all the ideas in your head too.

Plus, blogging brings people back to your home - aka, your website.

And your home is where people have the opportunity to learn more about you, your voice, and the value that you can offer them.

On social media, YouTube or a podcast - they are just getting a snippet and they need to find where else you hang out online.

When you write something of value and they are in your home (on your website), they have everything they need right there.

Your About page, other posts you've written, your newsletter sign up form and your offerings/services are at their fingertips.

So, as we walked out of the taco bar I'd give you the warmest hug and tell you to not give up on your blog.

Keep going - your time is now.

If you're feeling stuck with where to start, I've created a free resource called Blog Your Way with 12 blogging prompts to get you going.

I hope it serves you well.