Why I'm Doing Less Of What I Should Do In My Business In 2019

Take a quick moment to do a google search of how to make six figures as an entrepreneur. Pretty quickly you’ll be inundated with so many articles, blog posts, podcast episodes, social media posts, TED talks and “5 Tips to…” pieces that you could read for months and months.

Truth be told, about 2 years ago I used to do this exact thing. When I made the decision to take my creative talents to the next level I knew I had the passion and energy to do it but I didn’t know the tactical steps behind this process.

How do I make money? How do I sell to clients? How do I find clients? Which social media platforms are best for marketing? What’s a sales funnel? Do I need to do webinars? Do I really have to be on Twitter?

The questions went on and on. The more I researched, read and listened about how to grow an online business, the more questions I’d have. And as I started to put some of the tips I found into practice I started to gain some traction. My social media presence grew, I was sending more emails, I was creating more products and services and while I wasn’t making many sales at all, I seemed to be engaging more with potential ideal clients.

But with that being said, the one thing that I was lacking was the enjoyment of what I was doing day to day. Sure, excel spreadsheets will never make me jump out of bed. And trying to figure out a sales funnel can be stressful and overwhelming. But, I realize now that I never stopped to ask myself if those tactics even worked for my business. I hadn’t asked myself about the type of work I wanted to be doing day in and day out. I neglected to get clear on how I wanted to show up for my business, audience & future clients.

Did I want to turn my creative endeavor into a full time job?

Did I want to create sales funnels?

Do I enjoy being on Twitter and Facebook?

Would I like to write blogs?

How about newsletters?

How do I want to feel at the end of a day’s work?

How will I measure my success?

What type of energy do I want my business to give off?

See, these were questions I didn’t ask myself along the way. I was more focused on what I should do (being on all social media platforms, pumping out products to sell, create a sales webinar, launch a sales funnel, etc.) rather than what I want to be doing (feeling aligned before jumping into work, creating meaningful & helpful FREE content, only showing up on social media platforms that I personally enjoy, authentically selling my work and being okay with those that say “no, thanks”, etc.).

As we begin a new year, I’ve made a promise to myself to do things differently this time. I promise to focus less on the shoulds and more on the wants when it comes to my business. And yes, it is a business so some selling will be involved but the question isn’t IF i want to sell my work, but rather how do I want to go about selling it in a way that aligns with my values, energy and intentions?

It’s less about IF I should market on social media rather than which social media platforms give me personal enjoyment?

Again, less about writing as much as possible rather than what can I create that brings meaning and value into my business and into the lives of my audience?

And I will say this truthfully - this isn’t easy. When you’re seeing so many people talking about the exact steps they took to make six figures in their business - it’s easy to want to follow it step for step. It’s normal to follow the shiny penny (aka six figures) but, have you stopped to ask yourself if that’s even the type of business you want to run? You might want to.


What changes are you making in your creative business for 2019 that will bring you more alignment and intention? I can’t wait to hear about it.

Talk soon,


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