What Is An Email Welcome Series?

PRE-S. At the end of this post, I have a freebie for you that will make creating a welcome series SO easy! This post has some good stuff in it but I just wanted to let you know of the little goodies waiting for you at the end.

How many times have you signed up for someone’s email list and then didn’t hear from them for days, weeks or months? I hope this hasn’t happened to you a lot because I know firsthand that it isn’t a great experience. No matter what your business is, if people are signing up for your emails you need to deliver just that - emails! And pretty quickly too.

These days, people are receiving a TON of emails and you’re missing a prime opportunity to talk to your audience and grab their attention if you’re not emailing them right away. And the way to do that without sitting at your computer and personally emailing every single new email subscriber is to set up an automated email welcome series.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about what a welcome series is, why you need one, what it can look and examples from my own welcome series. Let’s get going!

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What Is A Welcome Series?

A welcome series (or often called a drip campaign or drip emails) is a set of 3-5 emails you create for your audience to receive over a few days immediately after they sign up for your email list.

These emails will land in the inboxes of your new subscribers each day (or every few days depending on what you choose) so that they get used to seeing your emails and they can begin hearing from your right away.

The format, quantity and send frequency can vary depending on your business, and that’s what makes these fun! After some initial leg work of creating the emails and figuring out how you want them to flow, once they are set up - you essentially don’t have to touch them again.

An email sequence’s main difference from the other weekly/monthly newsletters you send is that these emails are automated. So, once you set up their schedule, they will send at the right moment that you’ve told it to without any further action needed from you.

So, this way, emails are being sent on your behalf and your readers are hearing from you right away without any delay or radio silence until your regular newsletter hits their inbox.

Why Do You Need A Welcome Series?

A welcome series is beneficial for your email list for a few reasons. The first reason is that helps you create an immediate connection your newest subscribers rather than leaving them hanging until your next newsletter goes out. If you didn’t have a welcome series and you received a new subscriber, but your newsletter wasn’t scheduled to go out until next week - your new subscriber is waiting an entire week before you ever communicate to them. That is a long time in the email world. Creating a welcome series lets you start communicating with your newest subscribers immediately.

The second reason is that you want your emails to avoid the spam or junk folders and land in their inbox. Email providers like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail are always scanning an email to see if it’s spam or junk. One of the ways they determine this is by recognizing when you’ve never received an email from an email address before. After a few email sends and then the subscriber opening those emails, the email provider begins to recognize the email address and marks it as safe and lands it in the inbox. A welcome series is a great way to warm up to the email provider so that your content gets into the inbox each and every time.

What Does A Welcome Series Look Like?

There really is no exact way that a welcome should be. You can write about truly anything but make sure it’s interesting and valuable. Remember, these are emails you want your subscriber to be excited to open right away so it should grab their attention. Here are a few ideas:

1| An introduction: This welcome series could be 3-5 emails taking your new subscriber down the journey of who you are and the back story of your business. Each email is a different puzzle piece of the overall story - fun facts about you, how you started doing the work you’re currently doing, a few things you want your audience to know about you, where can they hang out and engage with you online, etc.

2| Free Content: Sure, you may have offered them a free worksheet, discount code, or some other offering to get them on your list - but the free information doesn’t have to stop there. Each email can be about a valuable piece of information tied to a freebie. If you’re a shop owner, talk about the story behind that candle, necklace or dog treat and invite them into your shop (physical or online) for a free gift with purchase. Or if you’re a writer, talk about the next book you’re writing and give away the first chapter draft and invite them along your writing process journey.

3| Q&As: I bet you get asked a lot of the same questions and odds are that this new subscriber may have some of those same questions, too. Why not answer 3-5 of your most asked questions and answer them in as much detail as possible?

These are just a few ideas that you’re more than welcome to steal and run with. But, there is no bad idea when it comes to what to include in your welcome series. If you’re still struggling a bit to think of what will work best for your specific business, start here:

If someone was coming into your home for the first time and they wanted to know more about you, your journey to your work and the business you have or want to start - what are 3-5 things you’d want them to know when they leave your house?

Ready To Get Started?

If you’re just beginning your email list or you have one but are ready to finally take it seriously - you need a welcome series. And, I know it can be intimidating when you first sit down to write it so I took the guesswork out of it for you.

I’ve taken the exact emails that I send in my welcome series and turned them into customizable templates that you can use for yours! Feel free to edit, change, add or take away anything that makes sense for you, your story and your business.

And, it’s free - nothing gets better than that.

Get access to the free download by clicking the button below. Happy emailing!

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