The Secret Sauce To A Relatable Brand

I can't tell you how many messages or comments I've received about this.

Every time I see someone mention this fact about me I laugh out loud.

It's the one thing that I talk about all the time and that everyone knows about me.


See, you knew that didn't you?

I've had people online & in person say - when I go to Chipotle I think about how much you love tacos.

My family threw me a taco-themed baby shower.

I nicknamed my baby Taco because we kept his name a secret the entire pregnancy.

I mean, this is a full-on love affair and I have no shame about my love for tacos.

But, this has absolutely nothing to do with running a creative business.

Knowing that I love tacos won't help you start your blog.

It won't get your newsletter up and running faster.

And it certainly won't help you figure out how much you should price your next offering.

But what it does do is let you know that I'm human and we relate in more than one area.

I pride myself in making The LoDownLiving a relatable brand and business that you feel comfortable coming back to time & time again for guidance and inspiration with your creative business.

I can bore you all day with stats, analytics, algorithms, and all the nitty-gritty stuff behind building a business you love.

But there's enough of that out in the world. Do a quick google search & you'll quickly find plenty of places to learn those things.

What I believe we don't have enough of in the creative business world is people showing their humanness.

Meaning, creatives showing that behind their business they toss their hair up in a bun and ugly cry to This Is Us just like we do.

Or that they never pass up an opportunity to order the french fries.

Or that they may be a bit silent in their business for a few weeks because their family is in town, and that matters a bit more for the moment.

Don't be afraid to put the human part of yourself back into your business.


So, how about this - you know I love tacos, right? 

I dare you to comment below and tell me 2 things I must know about you. 

These things can be as silly, messy, or funny as you want them to be.

I can't wait to read them!

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