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What Is An Email Welcome Series?

How many times have you signed up for someone’s email list and then didn’t hear from them for days, weeks or months? I hope this hasn’t happened to you a lot because I know firsthand that it isn’t a great experience. No matter what your business is, if people are signing up for your emails you need to deliver just that - emails! And pretty quickly too.

These days, people are receiving a TON of emails and you’re missing a prime opportunity to talk to your audience and grab their attention if you’re not emailing them right away. And the way to do that without sitting at your computer and personally emailing every single new email subscriber is to set up an automated email welcome series.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about what a welcome series is, why you need one, what it can look and examples from my own welcome series. Let’s get going!

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What To Write About Besides Your Products & Offerings

As a creative business owner, most of us have been taught to talk about our work any chance we get. We’re either eager for our next customer or client, excited about our new journey of starting a blog or business or we just enjoy talking about our work a lot.

Often times, when we’re writing content for our business; whether it’s a podcast, newsletter, blog post or captions for social media, we tend to talk about the same topic every time we sit down to write - our business.

And, while talking about our business, products, services, offerings, and events is not a bad thing, I believe you are more than your work. You are more than your business and I think it’s safe to say that your story has more to it than what you’re selling to your audience.

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