Slow Cooker Spaghetti (Squash) & Meatballs

Happy Sunday to you, friends! How has your weekend been? I hope you enjoyed Cinco de Mayo and got in some good ‘ol derby time. What a great weekend for celebration and spending time with friends.

I spent my weekend getting a few things done while also peppering in some downtime. I really love slow weekends, especially after busy weeks. For some reason, last week felt so busy. Almost as if I had something I had to do almost every day of the week.

Whether it was preparing for a meeting, practicing for an audition or creating content for the blog. Each day had its own to-do list. I’m not upset at that though. Sometimes I love a busy and productive week. It makes me feel accomplished in ways.

But during those types of weeks, prepping food is the first thing to go off my to-do list. I’ve gone to Chipotle so many times before that they practically know me by name. (Thankfully they haven’t started addressing me that way or that’d be awkward)


But, last week this spaghetti squash meal saved me time & time again.

The absolute best part about this meal besides the flavor of the sauce and the tender meatballs is the amount it makes. I got 2 dinners and 2 lunches out of 1 pot. That’s a whole lot of eatin’ for such little prep work. Situations like that make me want to break out into my happy dance.

But I won’t embarrass myself quite yet with those moves.

Plus, spaghetti squash is probably the easiest vegetable on the planet next to lettuce. Probably, I said. You just cut it up, scoop out the guts, drizzle some olive oil & sprinkle with salt & pepper.


How easy is that, girl?!


What’s your week looking like?

Does it seem as though you keep adding things to your calendar for business or pleasure? Maybe a few client meetings or yoga date or two? Don’t fret about dinner. This one’s on me. It only takes 6 ingredients & 10 minutes to prep. You can afford 6 ingredients and you can spare 10 minutes, right?

Okay good.


Crock Pot Spaghetti (Squash) + Meatballs

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I hope you have a beautiful week!