How To Create A Heart-Focused Creative Business

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When I set out to be a mentor for solopreneurs and small businesses I knew that I was going to ruffle some feathers.

Some people just weren't going to get the perspective I have when it comes to showing up, putting your work out into the world and growing a community online.

Believe me, I'm not the first business mentor and I surely won't be the last.

There are many coaches, writers, speakers, and bloggers who talk about how they got to where they are in their business.

Some talk about their road to a 6-figure breakthrough.

Others talk about the steps they took to leave their 9 to 5 and take their creative work full time.

And a few even talk about how they started their businesses online through platforms like Pinterest or Instagram.

But none of those things are at the core of what I do at The LoDownLiving Creative.

Day in and day out, I continue to stand in one truth, and one truth only.

We must put the heart back into our businesses.

Somehow along the way we traded in our ability to be heart focused humans, sell from a place of value, choose community over competition, and choose people over profits.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - people connect with, buy from, and tell their friends about PEOPLE, not businesses.

That amazing server you had at that restaurant.

The flight attendant that made jokes when you were afraid to fly.

The customer service representative who found your lost package.

The sales associate who remembered your name.

These are the people that will make you come back and put your money into their companies.

As a solopreneur or a small business, we should be operating in the same manner.

The person on the end of that transaction is a human being hoping that what you've asked them to buy will make their world a little brighter, easier or more fun.

We all understand that yes, we are a business and because of that, we need to be bringing in money and become profitable. That is universally understood and is a given.

But, there has to be more soul to your business than money. 

So, what does putting the heart back into your business look like? It looks like...

...not preying on your client's insecurities in hopes that they choose you to fix all their problems.

...communicating with your audience about something other than a sale, pitch or product.

...showing up and sharing a bit about who YOU are outside of your business.

...creating free work alongside your paid work that people of all income levels can access.

...working and creating from a place of alignment with your values even if that's not what the "gurus" say to do.

and so much more.

When we operate from a place of need and desperation rather than from a place of value and service, we lose the heart of our business.

This week, no matter where you are in your journey to creating a business, I'd love for you to sit for a few moments and ask yourself if your business still has its heart.

And if not, there is no shame. Just take the opportunity to jot down a few ways you'd like to shift to working from a heart-centered, service-focused, value-filled way.

Once you've done that, shoot me an email ( and let me know how you're creating a business with heart.

I'd really love to hear about it!


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