Do You Really Want To Quit Your 9 to 5?

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How many courses, blogs, social media posts or podcasts have you consumed about quitting your 9 to 5 and making a 6-figure business?

If you're anything like me (you know, a creative passionately working to put my talents and expertise out into the world with my core people) then, the answer is probably countless.

It seems like that is the main message these days. And, to an extent, I can understand that. There is an overwhelmingly strong feeling (at least in America) that most people don't like their jobs.

They want more freedom.
They want more flexibility.
They want to do work that lights them up.
They want to make more money.

And sometimes, our full-time jobs (if they're outside of our creative businesses) don't bring us all of those things. Hell, sometimes our creative businesses don't even bring us those things.

Often times when we're putting our heart and soul into our creative businesses we are...

...working longer hours
...doing work that isn't our strong suit (uh, excel sheets, anyone?)
...struggling to price what our work is truly worth
...sacrificing our free time so that we can get our business off the ground

and so much more.

So, sure. The whole "quit your day job and make 6-figures in your first year" is appetizing. It can be addictive. And it can be the thing we constantly chase without ever questioning it.

But, I'm here to do just that - question it.

Do you really want that?

As creatives, we hold our talents so dear to our heart and we are so excited about putting our work into the world that we look for help, guidance, shortcuts, blueprints wherever we can get them.

But, I think it is crucial to stop and ask ourselves if the people we're inspired by have a business and a work/life balance that we want.

The girl with a year booked out with 1 on 1 coaching client - do you want to produce the amount of free discovery calls it took her to get those? Even if that means less happy hours with girlfriends?

The guy with the 6-figure courses - do you want to create the amount of content he created to make 6-figures? Even if that means working 60+ hours a week?

The girl with millions of followers on Instagram - do you want to be on your phone editing photos & writing captions to that level to gain that audience? Even if that means takeout most nights for dinner and being less present with your partner?

While these are merely examples, it's safe to say that I'm sure many of them come close to the real thing.

And, maybe your answer is yes. Maybe you're like "hell yeah, Laura! I absolutely am willing to do X to get Y even if it means giving up Z." And in that case - you're on the right track my friend.

But, if you have a little shrug in your shoulder or it's cold hard no. I'd love for you to pause and reconsider what you want your work life to be.

Consider the goals you have in your creative business and work backwards to truly understand the effort, time and work (the kind that happens when no one else is watching you or patting you on the back) that it will take to achieve those goals.

See, I believe that it is just as important to put the work into ourselves as it is our business. And if we achieve these big, hairy, audacious goals but we're burned out, our relationships are strained, we're eating out of alignment with our bodies - was it worth it?

The answer will be different for each of us - and that's the beauty of working on our own terms.

But the next time you consume content from the next inspirational person stop and ask yourself - do I really want what they have?


Have you considered how you want to feel in your work to reach your creative business goals?

I'd love for you to hit reply and share your thoughts.

Talk soon,


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