6 Things I've Read And Heard Lately

I spend a great deal of time on the internet. Whether it's creating content and resources for my business, doing work for my day job or just to pass the time for fun - a lot of it is done online.

I'm sure you may be in a similar boat as me where a lot of your spare time is spent online reading and consuming information.

I'm always curious as to what other people are reading or listening to.

It's one of the questions I ask Albert almost every evening when we both get home: "Read or hear anything interesting today?"

So I thought I'd share some of the interesting articles and podcasts I've come across lately.

I really enjoy learning from others who aren't in my industry. They allow me to see and understand things from a different perspective.

Which is why what I'm sharing below won't all be completely related to running a creative business.

Some are just fun reads, some will make you think about a different part of your life in a new way and some you can apply to your craft if you'd like.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


I love this piece from Seth Godin about getting on the wrong bus. Makes you really think, huh?

Sarah Von Bargen has a way of writing that is so inspiring. Like this one that tells you exactly how to get what you want.

I'm a self-proclaimed minimalist - meaning, I like to live a simple life that creates more room for the things that are most important to me. Money can be one of the not so simple parts of life - especially now that I'm married. I love this insight from Desirae on how she & her husband handle their finances together.


Have you heard of Multi-Level Marketing? You probably have, companies like Mary Kay, Avon, doTerra, Thirty-One & more would be grouped under this umbrella.

This podcast, The Dream, talks about the ins & outs behind MLM businesses and how some aren't all they're cracked up to be.


Stuff You Should Know is such an interesting show ! They talk about things we all hear about but may not know how they originated. Like, did you know that the thread count of sheets isn't all that important?

Or what about that laughing Budhha you see a lot of stores & restaurants - where'd he come from & is he really Buddha? This show will tell it all to you.


I stumbled upon this podcast by one of my favorite creative coaches, Jen Carrington and her friend Sara Tasker.

Letters From A Hopeful Creative dives into questions from creatives about running a business & life that works for you. It's so good!


Have you read or heard anything interesting lately?

Comment below and share it with me - I'd love to take a look!

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